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Roles And Responsibilities Of An Export-Import Manager

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-17

As the Export-Import Industry has flourished immensely over the years, the red-tape associated with international trade has also lessened. This sector now facilitates easy and convenient transfer of shipments between different countries. All such conveniences are achieved by the exceptional skill sets of the Export-Import Managers that possess specialization in the domain. A large number of retailers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics companies hire Export-Import Managers for fast-paced and efficient management of the complicated procedures of global supply chains. So, let us discuss about some of the Roles and Responsibilities of an Export-Import Manager:
It is the responsibility of the Import-Export Manager to make sure that all the procedures are carried out in compliance with the laws of their own country and the foreign country involved. He is supposed to have a thorough knowledge of Customs and Border Protection rules. He must ensure that Export Administration Regulations are followed to avoid Shipment delays and costly penalties.
Personnel Issues
An Import-Export Manager also handles hiring, job training and work orientation of the employees. He is also addressable for the issues related with efficiency, accuracy and productivity of the workers. Evaluation of job performance and job promotions recommendations are also handled by the Import-Export Manager.
Shipping Arrangements
Procedures such as arrangements for freight shipments, cargo movement and communication for delays are overseen by the Import-Export Manager. He is responsible for finding faster shipping routes and lower cost carriers as well as developing contingency plans to facilitate an expedited shipment.
It is the role of an Import-Export Manager to build good and healthy working relationships with government agency representatives, clients as well as employees. His responsibility is to hold regular meetings with potential clients, customs brokers, shipping carriers and logistics companies. Also, the Import-Export Manager participates in the state customs meetings as a representative of the company. Thus, in the context of globalization, a competent Export-Import Manager in a company greatly contributes in the development of its trade relations across international borders.

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