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Trending Content on Placementindia Blog on December 2013

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-09

Relevance of a Consumer Review and Complaint
I have been to that fashion store their collection is outdated". Such verbal exchanges are usual between family members, friends, relatives and even acquaintances, whenever there is a shopping plan hatching up. This is a sort of direct consumer review from one person to another, and may be greatly influential in shaping up perceptions
An Insight: Part Time Jobs in Bangalore
Bangalore is the IT hub of India and many people flock to the mainland to find jobs. But there is also a section of the population that treads to the place for getting admission into world renowned universities straggling in Bangalore
Growing need for SEO and Computer Operators in Faridabad
Today, companies are very specific about choosing the right candidate, particularly when it comes to on page SEO and other computer related jobs. Though there are a number of jobs in Faridabad, yet the number of jobs in SEO and Computers has increased multifold over the past few years
Human Resources Outsourcing: an Opportunity or a Risk
Human Resource Outsourcing has almost become a fad. The small and medium business houses around the globe find it a sensible decision to outsource all the activities related to HR. The tasks like deciding the pay rolls, benefits, compensations, may look like some easy to do tasks
Internet Provides Pathway to making and Solving Complaints
Much has been said and written about the role that Internet plays today. From making small searches to online shopping, we have made this network of networks an important part of our lives. Be it connecting with friends, making money with online sales, or simply pitching your voice in favor of or against something you dislike, every activity now finds a dedicated platform in the virtual world
Ways To Reduce Negative Complaints On Social Media And Review Sites
With online reputation being of great significance to a business today, negative complaints on social media and rev iew sites can wreak havoc on the overall revenue. Social media networks are the byword not only in a marketer's but also in a consumer's life today

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