3 Myths of a Successful Career

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-22

A competitive employment market has resulted in a scenario where all available techniques on "how to excel in one's career" are followed in a desperate attempt to achieve Career Success. Cheap guides to Career Success, written by inexperienced writers, are easily found in the market. Due to the desire for Career Success, such guides are very popular. However, care must be taken while following them as not all what they say is true. Following are some of the myths which circulate in the employment market.
The Most Qualified Is the Most Successful
The notion that the most qualified is always the most successful is actually a continuation of what we are taught during our academic life. Parents and teachers propagate this idea that the one who puts in the effort behind the studies gets the best marks. However, this does not necessarily apply in the case of one's professional life. It is not necessary that the ones with the highest qualification get the best relevant jobs or that they excel in their career. The key points which affect Career Success are the presentation of one's skills and talents and the application of the knowledge in the practical affairs of the business.
Hard Work Is Enough For Career Success
There is an age old saying that if one works hard, that is enough to fetch success. This is unfortunately not true in the modern job scenario. Modern organizations have hundreds of employees working under them. Thus, it is very easy for hard work to escape the notice of the management. It is very important that the hard work and dedication is marketed well and it is ensured that it comes to the notice of the management. Good appraisals are received not due to the hard work of the employee. It is received because the management knows about his hard work. As goes the saying in cricket, "You do not get a wicket because the batsman is out. You get it because the batsman is out in the eyes of the umpire.
The First Offer Made To You Is The Best Offer
One way in which the performance of the human resource department is measured is how less they have recruited the employee at. Thus, never believe that the first offer made to you is the best that the company can afford. There is always a margin of improvement which can be stretched, based on your negotiation skills. Most organizations expect you to negotiate and feel disappointed if you don't. It is better to stay practical while pursuing Career Success. The utopian ideas may have a feel good factor in them, and sometimes are even important for personal growth, but not all of them are true in the modern job market.

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