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Creating a Wow impression on an interviewer in a very first meeting is a dream of every aspirant. It is believed that mostly the impression created by the aspirant on the interviewer is non-verbal and truly based on the body language of the candidate. The way you present yourself to the interviewer counts a lot, as it is the only way for the interviewer to judge your personality and attitude. It is essential to spend some quality time for making job interview preparations, so that you create right impression on the interviewer.

Here, we are providing some essential tips that will maximize your chances of creating a wow impression during your job interview.

Be Punctual :
Arriving early for the interview will give you extra time to relax and reduce your stress level that will help you in performing confidently at the time of interview. This is also the first step of making good impression on the interviewer.

Dress Smartly :
Your dressing style speaks volumes about your overall personality and it is the foremost thing that an interviewer notices about you. Wear clothes preferably formals that will make you look good and feel good. It is better to get overdressed than underdressed, but make sure that your dress is not overpowering your personality.

Keep Smiling and Maintain Good Eye Contact :
A genuine smile on the face with confident eye contact is a key to create good first impression on the interviewer. Your smiling face conveys the positive impact on the interviewer. Most of the time interviewers make judgment on the basis of the quality of smile and eye contact of the aspirant.

Be Positive :
People love to work with colleagues having a positive attitude. So, after your smile and eye contact, positive attitude is another factor that impresses the interviewer. Make positive comments about the company, office location, but don't overdo it. Keep your negative thoughts away at the time of interview.

Initiate the Handshake :
Take the initiative of shaking hands with the interviewer at the time of entering the room and at the time of leaving after the completion of interview. This practice will send a message to the interview about your mannerism and confidence. Adopting the correct technique of shaking handshake is also very important for impressing the interviewer.

Follow these simple tips and you will surely impress the interviewer & get jobs with your high level of confidence and positive attitude Share on

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