Highest Paying Engineering Jobs of 2021

Mechanical Engineer jobs in Bangalore

Mechanical engineers play a pivotal role in the manufacturing processes of several industries. Considering the vast array of possibilities mechanical engineers have, their salaries can differ immensely. Here are some of the most promising mechanical engineer jobs in Bangalore that would urge you to submit your resume immediately.

The Mechanical Jobs with Highest Salary

Automation Engineer

  • The Major Responsibilities : Automation engineers are required to design, construct and keep the automated machines and processes in good condition. The automation engineers closely work with clients to study the automated processes, and thereafter design, gets the program tested, and maintains the system. There are requirements for automation engineers in both the food processing and food manufacturing companies, wherein the robots are utilized to exercise particular tasks on the assembly line.
  • Required Qualifications : The automation engineers either have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree and multiple work experiences.

Research and Development Engineer

  • The Major Responsibilities : The Research and Development Engineers are known to build new manufacturing techniques and products. They also help enhance the present systems to accelerate productivity, efficiency, and safety. The concept designs are built by them, the prototypes are tested by them and they also assist in taking new techniques and products to market. The Research and Development engineer is expected to be creative and analytical for problem identification and curate solutions.
  • Required Qualifications : Based on the field in which the R&D works, you might be asked for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • The Major Responsibilities : The senior mechanical engineers work together as a team to meticulously plan, design, and get the products developed. They might also work on the electrical systems, sensors, circuit boards, and mechanical parts, based on the design team. The senior mechanical engineers might also assist in designing and implementation the manufacturing processes and product packaging. They are also required to get the products along with solutions conceptualized, and thereafter build and get the products tested to ensure that they are side and work accordingly to the designs.
  • The additional responsibilities run inclusive of writing technical reviews and work on bettering the products once they are sold.
  • Required Qualification : Senior mechanical engineers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree followed by 5 years of working experience. They are also needed to have PE certification.

Senior Design Engineer

  • The Major Responsibilities : The senior design engineers are experts in innovating new products. They are spearheaded by a team from the starting of the project right to production. The senior design engineers serve up as project managers by closely working with the client to study their needs, creating a schedule and budget, helping the team to move towards the design process, and working towards improving the processes for projects.
  • They are required to evaluate and have the risk communicated, design processes of high-level, and testing of the lead product. The senior design engineers serve up as a liaison between the project stakeholders, customers, and engineering team.
  • Required Qualification - Senior design engineers must have a bachelor’s degree and multiple years of experience.

Powertrain Engineer

  • The Major Responsibilities - The Powertrain engineers are mechanical engineers who work in the automotive industry and improve both the performance and appearance of modern vehicles’ engines, software, electrical components, and powertrain. The Powertrain engineer must be capable enough to work with semi-trucks, box trucks, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.
  • The project budget and timelines are also determined by the powertrain engineers who then contract, and get the prototypes tested, data analysed and materials researched. They are also expected to ensure that the vehicles meet the safety requirements of the vehicles.
  • Required Qualification : Powertrain engineers possess a bachelor’s degree but having a master’s degree can help their possibilities of earning more.

These were some of the highest-paying Mechanical Engineer jobs in Bangalore. However, to get selected for a job that pays you well, you need to earn higher degrees and acquire certifications and licenses, and research on the best-paying industries.


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