Go for jobs or Higher Studies

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After you have completed your degree, there is a lot of pressure on you. Parents often end up confusing the child. As some parents want their child to go for higher studies while some parents want their child to go for some job. Many times you get various job offers from companies and that might even inspire you to get a job. So, in the end, make sure you know what you want. After all, you should not go for anything forcefully. Whether it’s a job or higher studies, you should not pursue it under pressure. Try to be clear about your wishes. Decide first which one do you want to do.

Here are some important factors which you must keep in mind before you either go for a job or higher studies-

Your family’s financial status-

  • Money is a very important factor. Many parents want their children to go for higher studies but due to lack of money, they cannot manage to support their child. In such a case of you get any job offers then you should try to get yourself a job.
  • Until you or your parents can begin to afford your higher studies. Or else, one more thing which you can do is, take a loan for your higher studies. But you should always keep in mind that when you take a loan, you should be able to pay it back.
  • So, when the day ends, your situation should at least be liveable. You must have some food to eat, clothes to wear and of course, a house for hiding your head under.

Do not just settle for any random college-

  • Being in a good college for your higher studies is a pretty important thing. If you can manage to get into a well-renowned college for your higher studies then you can end up with a good number of job offers in the end.
  • But, in a random college, you might not end up with really good job opportunities. Therefore, being in a good college for higher studies puts an impact on the placement season.
  • And if that happens then it is much better if you start preparing yourself for that same exam, or else if you want you can get into a job which can help you in having some income of your own.

Talk to people and get an idea about the course which you will be perusing-

  • Try to stay in touch with some of the seniors who you think can help you with the decision. There must be some seniors who have taken up the same course and done higher education on the same subject.

You can talk to them and learn about how their experiences.

  • They can let you know what kind of job offers they got after going for higher studies. Ask them about all the positives and the negatives and after knowing it all you can sit and decide whether you need to go for it or not. Taking opinions from experienced people can always help.

Do it only if you need it-

  • Just because your neighbour, your best friend or the entire world is going for higher studies does not at all mean that even you will have to go for it. You should make your decisions according to your needs.
  • You should not get bothered by the fact of whether the whole world is doing it or not. If you feel you need a higher education then go for it? And if you feel you have good job offers and you are ready for a job then you should go for the job. The decision should not at all be influenced by the people.

These were some of the points which you must keep in mind before choosing whether you should go for a job or you should go for higher studies. Do your research well before decisions anything. Talk to people and check properly whether there are any extra positive effects of higher studies in finding you great job offers, or will it be the same without any higher studies. Check all these factors and then decide.


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