Content Managers: Key Players In The World of Words

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job profile of a Content Manager

The world of the written word is quite vast and varied. The Publishing Industry holds within its arms an abundance of resources such as magazines, newspapers, journals, books, directories, brochures and even greeting cards, calendars, and manuals. The Industry has evolved to the Digital Age by welcoming materials in other formats as well such as in the electronic format and online web content. The role of a Content Manager is similar to a caretaker who keeps a strict watch on every letter and punctuation mark. With the changing scenario, the role of the Content Manager has also evolved. Nowadays, the resume of such a professional includes various other responsibilities and skills.

The role of a Content Expert or Manager is perfect for those who have a flair for creativity. The responsibility demands continual research and study. The job profile of a Content Manager includes developing instructional materials and content that is specific to the context and requirement. A content manager's resume holds skill sets that includes fluency in language, reading and knowledge about the latest technological tools and software. The responsibilities of a Content Manager also include:

1. Assessing the quality of the content and checking their compliance with quality regulations and parameters
2. Meeting with committees and groups and discuss the various issues regarding the content and come up with relevant solutions
3. Evaluating if the content meets the requirements and if not, suggest and implement suitable changes
4. Review books, software and other materials and make appropriate modifications
5. Developing means to use the technology effectively
6. Coming up with innovative methods to make study materials such as textbooks more interactive and friendly to students.
An eligible candidate is one who is well versed with all the current developments, equipped to rise to the various challenges and driven to pursue new directions and avenues. As the world of Media and Publishing grows, the requirement for talented Content Managers will also remain . Share on

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