• Get Hired With The Help of Social Media

    HR Speak | By: Admin |  Jan 25, 2018

    The humongous web of the social media has covered the entire globe. More than half of the global populace has an access to the internet. The youth is the highest in number that spends 2-3 hours on the social media on an average. Social media i...
  • This Is How You Stand Out From Other Job Candidates

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Jan 25, 2018

    When an individual applies for a job, it is obvious that he/she wants to stand out from the other applicants. Though the facial expressions do not reveal it but, deep inside, every candidate wants to be the name that occupies the vacant post h...
  • Mistakes Made By Freshers While Searching Jobs

    Job Search Tips | By: Admin |  Oct 23, 2017

    As a fresher you’re going to make numerous mistakes, for the working world is nothing like you’ve imagined it to be. It is so different from the grad school/college/ university and learning the rules will cost you time. True, you are going to ...
  • How can a placement consultant help you get an ideal job?

    Placement Solutions | By: Admin |  Oct 24, 2017

    Placement consultants have emerged as a significant option for both, employers and job seekers. Most employers derive several benefits by hiring placement consultants. This way, the business owners can pay a whole lot of attention to the core ...

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