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  • 5 Ways For Creating A Compelling Resume
    By: admin | In: Resume Tips |Last Updated: 2017-11-14

    With the attention span of humans shrinking shorter than that of a goldfish, grasping the fancy of a recruiter with a piece of paper, aka resume, has become even more challenging. There is a dire need for creating a more compelling and captivating resume to get selected through the skimm...

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  • 8 Things You Need To Know About Job Portal
    By: admin | In: Job Portal |Last Updated: 2017-11-06

    Today’s tech-savvy generation uses internet for everything right from ordering food to getting hired. In fact, toady candidates depend way more on internet than any other source like newspaper or networking. The journey to search a job on internet begins with registration on a job portal...

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  • Get Hired With The Help of Social Media
    By: admin | In: Job Seeker |Last Updated: 2017-10-10

    The humongous web of the social media has covered the entire globe. More than half of the global populace has an access to the internet. The youth is the highest in number that spends 2-3 hours on the social media on an average. Social media is often seen as the entertainment tool for bu...

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  • Mistakes Made By Freshers While Searching Jobs
    By: admin | In: Freshers Job |Last Updated: 2017-10-23

    As a fresher you’re going to make numerous mistakes, for the working world is nothing like you’ve imagined it to be. It is so different from the grad school/college/ university and learning the rules will cost you time. True, you are going to make mistakes, a lot of them. But there are s...

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