7 Creative & Uncommon Twists That Can Enrich Your Recruitment Process

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Once upon a time, recruiters used to be hugely dependent on resumes and cover letters to estimate the suitability of a job seeker. They used to judge the entire professional personality of the applicant on the information provided on a piece of paper. But those days are fast fading. Today’s digital world has opened many avenues for the recruiters. Nowadays recruiters are empowered with the power of social media, automated tracking systems, and many other techniques to search, scan, and hire the best talent. And the creative recruiters have an added advantage in this fast-evolving era. Being creative while hiring gives innumerable options to evaluate the skills and potential of job seekers. Today, there are different creative methods for recruiting the right employee. We have compiled some creative and uncommon strategies for you to recruit the candidates that can be a valuable resource for your company.

1. Prefer The Grassroots Level: The grassroots campaign also helps in recruiting the right candidate. It is a budgetary way for recruiting within the local areas. For example, if you are recruiting drivers for your company then visit the local driving schools. To hire the housekeeping staff, distribute pamphlets in the local daycare centers, libraries etc. and you can get the best results.

2. Forget Resumes, Make A Phone call: A resume is the easiest way to fool an organization. Many candidates often lie on their resume and grab an opportunity. A resume never defines a candidate. It just shows that he/she is the best along with the achievements they’ve gained in the past. What they’ll do for you is something that can be assumed. Thus, communicate with the candidate over the phone and then decide if it is a suitable resource.

3. State What You Don’t Want: The secret sauce for recruiting- if your vacancy ad attracts more applicants then it surely means that you’ve written a poor advertisement. A recruiter shouldn’t be uncertain about the candidate he/she is looking for. The more you try to obscure essential details, the more likely you are to attract unsuitable candidates. Include statements like ‘apply only if’ or ‘don’t apply unless’ to make it clear what kind of applicants you are looking for.

4. Remove Unnecessary Constraints: Avoid sticking to the unnecessary details of a job description. Understand the overall need. Recruiters agency in Navi Mumbai needs to focus on the right candidate instead of the perfect candidate. Emphasizing a special but unneeded qualification plays the baddie in keeping the candidates with a potential away from your company. In many companies, a candidate holding MBA degree is preferred even if it is not required. Recruiters need to shed such constraints.

5. Find The Best People First, Train Them Later: Let’s bust a myth today. A company that recruits only on specific occasions always gets the undeserving lot. Recruiters should always be open to hiring the right people at the right time. It is always better to hire a candidate that has excellent soft skills, high values, abilities, and a passion to grow with your company instead of simply focusing on his/her hard skills. A skill can be learned with time but ability is something that one possesses naturally.

6. Find Where Your Right Employee Is?: According to an old English proverb, birds with the same feathers flock together. When you’ve hired the smart lot, why not hire more like them? For a company to get the suitable candidate, it should consider the suggestions from its staff like what publications they follow, what activities they participate in etc. Make the follow up of such things and then place the vacancy ads in those publications, promote a paid campaign in the activities to hire the deserving candidates.

7. Use Social Media To Target Passive Candidates: Posting a vacancy on the job portal or on the company’s career page won’t give immediate results. A majority of the global populace is connected to social media. It is the right tool that can help an employer reach its right candidate. This cost-effective way of displaying the vacancy will surely fetch you the right candidate for the particular designation.

Finding the bunch of right employees isn’t difficult. All you require is some creativity to find the top talent for your business. Being creative in your search will surely help you showcase your company’s unique culture that will attract more candidates.

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