5 Job Hunting Tips You Need to Follow

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-02-26

The completion of education marks the end of the carefree period of life. The struggle of life begins thereafter, the search for a suitable job begins. We all know that getting a desirable job is not that easy a task. The job market is flooded with candidates all having required qualifications. So, in such a situation finding a preferred job becomes a complicated affair. If you are seeking a job and don't know what steps will assist you in getting a job faster, then our write up will prove very useful to you.

We offer you helpful tips that will help you in hunting jobs:

Prepare an attractive CV :- A CV or the Curriculum Vitae is the primary thing that is needed for applying a job. It is a document that carries your educational and personal details. Also, it carries your career objectives and aims. It should be framed with due care as it is the reflection of your persona.

Tips that you should follow while creating your CV:

  • First and foremost it should be attractive, different kinds of layouts are available these days that can make your CV look different.
  • It should be to the point containing everything that is relevant.
  • Ensure that the work experience that you have offered is in accordance with the job applied.
  • Your achievements should be properly highlighted.
  • Ensure that your CV contains no spelling and grammar errors.

Signing up with different Placement Portals :- As the Internet has gained more access employers head towards web for seeking employees. Various placement portals have come up that serve as an ideal platform for job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other. So, you must sign up with different placement portals to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Expand your social circle :- Having a well-coordinated social circle improves your chances of getting links for a job. More the references more are the opportunities of getting a job.

Create an Offer Letter :- Having an offer letter has become an equally important thing as CV. It gives you an edge over others. So, frame a professionally sound offer letter to better your chances of acquiring a job.


Seek proper advice of Placement Consultancies :- Register yourself with a placement agency and make sure that you convey all your details to the consultant.

So, shun off the nervousness and fear of not getting a job. Our tips will help you to find an appropriate job at the earliest possible. So, just follow our tips properly and be confident.

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