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15 Tips To Instantly Get A Government Job After Graduation

By: Admin | In: Career News | Create Date: 2018-12-07

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Once your graduation is over, you start looking for jobs and the first option that lures you is Government Job. With a huge set up of central and state government, railway network, banks, defence etc., Indian Government is one of the biggest employers in India. Offices of Indian government are located in every nook and corner of India, which assists Indian graduates to get employed in native areas. Apart from this, the usual perks of govt jobs aka sarkari naukri like a stable job, good salary and allowances and secured future also play a vital role in attracting young job seekers.

1. Introspect and set your priorities right
This is the most important thing you should do right after completing your graduation. This is to check self for readiness to go in govt job or a private job. Once you are sure that you want to get a govt job, look at the options and portfolios that are offered in various govt jobs and the difficulty level of exams so that you can choose the one matching to your capabilities and aptitude.

2. Collect information about examination pattern and previous result trends
It is very important to gather information about the latest examination pattern of govt jobs you are aiming for. Your negligence in this step can mislead your preparation and ruin all the hard work invested. Moreover, assessing the competition is also very important to plan a strategy for govt exam preparation, so go through the statistics of previous year exams and results.

3. Subscribe magazines and papers for govt vacancy update
Make sure that right after graduation, or better in the last phase of graduation you subscribe to the newspaper and magazines that provide updates about the latest government jobs in India. These sources are considered most reliable to get updates and information about govt jobs. These magazines are good source to collect all vital details and statistics about govt jobs.

4. Register on portals to get the latest updates on govt jobs
This is very important step in this digital era. Internet is the fastest media for today’s world and to get instant updates on govt jobs, you can register on placement portals that provide information on govt jobs. PlacementIndia.Com also offer all the latest updates about Indian govt jobs.

5. Get a thorough reading of syllabus
Be highly attentive in understanding the syllabus of exams you intend to appear in. Mostly govt exams have sections for General awareness, reasoning, quantitative ability, and language however, you should meticulously understand the syllabus of each exam you apply for. This is the foundation to set your study plan well.

6. Keep your documents ready
Arrange your mark sheets, certificates, Identity proofs and other documents and get enough photocopies of the documents. This helps in the situation when you get late information about a govt vacancy and you have to apply on a short notice. Get some coppices attested by a gazetted officer as well. Moreover, keep a good stock of the latest passport size photographs handy.

7. Apply for maximum govt job opportunities
However choosy and confident you are on your top priority govt jobs, you should apply in the maximum govt competitive exams. This is a real-time practice that not only makes you familiar with the examination pattern, difficulty level of papers and how to fill answer sheet but also give you a correct idea of your preparation levels and your stand amidst competition.

8. Set reminders for application and exam dates
A very small yet important thing to do is to set reminders for all the upcoming govt exams, application dates, examination dates etc. This will keep you set and tension free and ensure that you are not missing any opportunity owing to your busy study schedule.

9. Enroll in govt exam preparation coaching institutes
You can consider getting admission in a coaching that provides courses to qualify government exams. These institutes provide study material and classes to prepare for all the govt exams. You get a good guidance from these institutes and also a competitive feel while studying with other students. Regular tests are also conducted by these institutes, which keep your govt job preparation on right track.

10. Explore online study material for govt exams
Those who are self-motivated and do not want to join a coaching institute, they can source the study material online. There are many such websites that provide online study materials for govt jobs.

11. Plan a study-schedule wisely
This is the most crucial step in planning for govt jobs. You need to consider the subjects and syllabus along with your strength and weaknesses to design a smart study pan to crack govt job exams. For eg., if your command over maths is below average than you need to give more time to study that subject or if you feel more confident on language part than you can use that time to improve other subjects. Overall you need to design a personalized study plan to qualify govt exams.

12. Regularly appear in mock tests
Only preparing isn’t enough, you need to test the waters regularly. For this either you can take part in the test conducted by govt exam coaching centers or you can appear for online test for government exams. Don’t miss this as your scores in these test indicate your chances to qualify the exams for govt jobs.

13. Keep checking updates on exam results
Just as you set reminders for the last date of application for govt jobs, and examination dates similarly you need to set reminder for expected result dates for exams you have appeared in. Even do not forget to check results for exams you think you have messed.

14. Network with people aiming at govt job
This will help in staying updated as well motivated for govt job preparation. Staying connected with such people will share strategies, learning trick and tips etc. So stay connected with your friends who are trying to qualify govt exams.

15. Failure is just a message Stay motivated
In the journey of qualifying govt exams, you have to ensure that you are not affected by failures. Initially, there may be many attempts in which your score may tease you but try to learn from those attempts and move forward.

So this was a quick guide to qualify govt exams after graduation. Hope this will help you to do better in your pursuit. Stay connected; keep visiting this page to get more information and tips to crack govt exams.

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