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  • Exercise to Improve communication Skills
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Communication Skills | Last Updated: 2010-04-23

    While conversing with others, do you usually let others do the most of the talking? In this fast moving generation, where communication plays a pivotal role for one's survival, do you hesitate in approaching someone? Do you want to enhance your communication skills? If you are searching for any exercise to improve your communication skills then start doing the left and right coordination exercises to instigate your creative abilities by making use of your non dominating hand. Again now a days communication in english is very much required for Sales/Marketing job & Call Centre/Operations.

    Principle of left right coordination:

    No matter how old you are, you have immense control and power to improve your communication skills. It is proved that the left brain of human being is responsible for completely different functions and is usually the analytical one. On the other hand, all the creativity, art, intuition and the use of words is done by right brain. It is important to improve the connection and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain as it increases the functionality of the brain. This synchronization between both the left and right brain improves the peace of mind, harmony, reading, comprehension and develops better concentration and focus. This all finally enhances your communication skills.

    Tips to improve communication skills:

    ? Use left hand for brushing teeth. In case you are a left handed person, use your right hand to brush your teeth.

    ? Before having food, wash your hands properly. Use left hand to eat food.

    ? Polish your shoes with left hand.

    ? Use left hand to draw a diagram.

    ? Try doing all the household chores using your left hand.

    ? Start mirror writing with right hand.

    ? Learn the art of writing using left hand.

    ? Try and learn writing using both right and left hands.

    So, try doing all your daily work using left hand as much as possible. This is certain to help you become more creative by developing better concentration and focus. These tips, if exercised regularly and properly are sure to help you enhance your communication skills.

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