Search Job Seekers Resume DataBase Access - FAQs

  • How can I search for resumes at
    You can use the link "FREE RESUME SEARCH" under "Recruiter's Zone" or you can login to My folder and use the link "Search Resume" under the tab "CANDIDATES".
  • What are the different types of resume searches you provide?
    At Placement India, we provide you with the following options to search the required jobseekers:
    1. Search Resume (By keyword, Location etc..)
    2. Resume Id Search.
  • How can I use the Keyword field provided in the search form?
    In this field, you can specify keywords like:
    1. Qualification, Specific Degree, Job Description, Present Status, Skills, Industries, Designation, Expected Perks, Location (Postal Address) of the jobseeker and much more
    2. The keywords allow you to cover certain other fields, which have not been specified in the search form of the job seekers.
  • Why am I not able to Filter My Search Result?
    In order to conduct our filtered search or to contact job seekers, you need to be our Paid Member i.e. you must either have Paid Membership or Single Job Listing Package..
  • I remember the resume number of a jobseeker who had applied to my job, can I seen his/her resume on the basis of that resume number?
    Yes, of course. On the Homepage of, you will find a link by the name of "Resume Id Search" in the Recruiter/Employer My folder. Clicking on the link (under "CANDIDATES - Search Resume") will allow you to specify the resume number of the job seeker whose resume you want to see. Thus, you can see the detailed resume of any job seeker whose resume number is known to you.
  • How am I entitled to see the contact information of job seeker?
    You can see the contact information of job seekers only after getting our Paid Membership.
  • Is there any limit to the number of queries I can send to the job seekers?
    Unless the term of service you had subscribed for has expired, you can send as many queries as you want to
  • How can I contact the job seekers, or send a proposal to a job seekers while conducting search for job seekers?
    If you are a paid member, you are allowed access to contact information of the job seekers, like phone number or Email ID, mentioned in their resumes. Using this information, you can proceed to contact them without any hassles. Apart from this, you can also send customised queries to the job seekers either in one go (from the classified resume display page) or you can contact each job seeker individually by seeing their detailed resume and using the Send Query link from there