Increase Query Forwarding Limit - FAQs for Recruiter

  • What is the "Send Email" feature all about?
    The total number of Email you can send to job seekers at depends upon the Paid Membership plan you have opted for. But, in order to contact more job seekers than specified in your Membership Plan, you can Increase your Send Email Limit at For this you have to Contact Us.
  • How long this increased limit will be available to me?
    You can avail this increased Send Email limit within your Paid Membership period. That is, you can send email to job-seekers as long as you are our active Paid Member. If you have opted for Send Email Limit, during your Paid Membership tenure and goes for timely renewal of your membership (i.e. before the expiry of current one), then this limit will be retained and carry forwarded, as long as your membership is active. So, it's always better to renew your Paid Membership on time.
  • Can I avail this feature only once, within my membership tenure?
    No, not at all. Rather you can opt for increasing your Send Email Limit, as many times as you want, provided you are a Paid Member at
  • I am not your Paid Member currently. But I have found some suitable candidtates for the vacant post in my company and would like to send my query to them. Can I go for this service?
    No, You need to be our Paid Member in order to avail this service.