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After completing your schooling, one constant worry that you will undergo till you find a solution is selection of career. Well, deciding on a career is one of the crucial milestones and involves critical thinking, self analysis and comprehensive research work. And eventually, your decision may also be influenced by the perspective of your parents, teachers, friends and even media. Nevertheless, as there are endless career opportunities in various industries, it is advisable to decide on your career wisely, without taking too much time.
Here is a small description of the career opportunities that you have in various industries:
Career Options In Law
In general, lawyers have to practice before the judges in administrative tribunals, subordinate courts, high courts and the supreme courts. Their practice may be regarding any private or public matters. They specialize in constitutional law, international law, civil law, excise law, tax law, criminal law, family law, labor law, corporate law, etc. Their job responsibilities involve representing clients in varied legal matters and providing legal advice. They also work:
In legal department of firms,
In defence services
As political advisers
With the judiciary as Advocates, Attorney General, etc.
Career Options In Journalism & Mass Media
There are numerous career options in electronic as well as print journalism. As a journalist, you would have to work with television and radio production teams, and for magazines and newspapers. Following news stories, covering local and national events, and keeping the world updated with the latest happenings are the major job responsibilities of the journalists. They work as:
Sub editor
Freelance journalist
News Readers
Career Options In Hotel Industry
Employment requirements in hotel industry have grown like never before in the past few years. In various seven star and five star hotels, there is consistent manpower need for various departments: housekeeping, food and beverages, recreation, marketing, accounting, computer applicants, maintenance, public relations and so on. Different departments where you can find opportunities are:
Front office department
Catering department
Housekeeping department
Accounts department
Engineering department
Travel And Tourism
This industry is segregated as central government and state government division, institutional sector, commercial sector, hotels, and service sector. The government division is accountable for making policies, promoting national and international tourism, developing tourist destinations, organizing travel facilities, etc. All the sectors in travel and tourism industry have a number of career opportunities. In addition to considering aforementioned career opportunities, you can also pursue your career in Chartered Accountancy, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Fine Arts, Fashion, Aviation, etc. Share on

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