4 Ways for Deal With a Difficult Boss

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-02-14

Most of the people have to deal with difficult boss at some point in their lives. Your boss can be a little pushy, rude or even abusive sometimes, which in turn might affect your work. Some people think that a difficult boss somehow controls their personal life by making them live in a constant fear and lowering their self esteem. If your work life is stressful then your personal life tends to suffer. Without a doubt, your supervisor has the complete control over your basic needs that forces you to bear him out of the fear of losing your job. Here are few tips to cope up with your difficult boss and handle tricky situations with smartness.

Maintain low profile :- Staying out of your boss's hair is the best thing, especially when he is picking on you for no reason. Most of the supervisors are biased and frequently make a big issue out of nothing. So it's better to avoid controversial things, which may cause damage to your image.

Stick to your work : - Doing your work perfectly and proving your caliber will not give your boss any reason to make your life difficult. Sometimes he may pile loads of work on you as he knows that you can complete it and won't even refuse his order. In such situations, instead of making yourself stressed because you are not able to complete the work on time, just talk to your boss firmly and explain him why you won't be able to take on more work than you already have at that moment.

Do not bring work home : - Try to get into the habit of leaving work at office and not bringing it to your home because that will only add to your level of stress. Keep your professional life separate from your personal life as much as you can. This also includes having friends who you don't work with so that you can detach yourself from your work life rather than bringing it home with you. If you are not able to cope up with the stress then it's better to search new job rather than sticking to the old one.

Know when to stay silent :- It is true that superiors hate being proved wrong, especially by those who work under them. So it's better not to confront your boss, even in situations where you know that you are right and your boss is wrong. Instead of staking your job at risk, it's always good to apologize, get on with your work and save yourself from further harassment. The situation can be understood and accepted more easily by putting yourself in your boss's place.

Following these simple steps will not only benefit your professional life but also b
ring calmness to your personal life. Tackling a difficult boss is not a complicated thing, a bit of patience and understanding can bring harmony in your relationship.

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