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Take a look into the job market and you will find it a complete mess! Both job seekers and recruiters are struggling to meet their goals. Recruiters face new challenges every now and then to select qualified candidates for their organizations. In fact, they are getting more obstacles every passing day. The reason is the ever-growing list of qualified professionals in the crowd of job hunters. PlacementIndia comes into the rescue of the entire group of employers and has become a big help in finding appropriate candidates for entry level hiring.

Why PlacementIndia?

Thousands of lakhs of eligible freshers pass out every year. But pathetically around 10% vacancy of jobs remain for them! It’s tough for both the parties. The job candidates queue up into the race of recognizing themselves as the best candidates. On the other hand, the companies also pile up challenges in the recruitment process to reach the fittest candidates.
Are the recruitment agencies a solution to this problem? Well, there is a problem too! The online market is overflowing with so many ‘suitable job portals’. What to do? Select the services offered at PlacementIndia.Com. It offers beneficial solutions by catering to the niche market.


PlacementIndia threads together its expertise, capabilities and business network to offer solutions to the recruiters in connecting with the most efficient job candidates in the industry. Besides offering best recruitment solutions for the company employers in the country, they offer efficient solutions to myriad small and middle sized organizations across the world to choose better candidates from the pool.
It acts as a centralized recruitment solution provider for its nation-wide and global clients including consultants, employers, placement agents and HR managers.

How PlacementIndia benefits your business?

If you want to find out the best fresher or the best candidate for your job vacancy, contact the best portal in the online market. It is the smart decision after all! If you post jobs on PlacementIndia, you are able to get contacts of the maximum number of eligible entry level job candidates for your business. While the other job portals somehow lack in this ground.
On this online job portal, you have all solutions pointing to your requirements. Here are the key advantages you may enjoy by availing the services of PlacementIndia.
1. Post jobs for FREE

The first and foremost reason why should you choose PlacementIndia.Com is free job posting. With this feature, employers are able to find 5 most related candidate profiles which are based on mandatory experience level and skillsets. As the job posting can be made free of cost here, the HR department can contact job candidates through their email ids or phone numbers to fix an interview.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems

ATSs offer recruitment tools for the employers. When the job applicants apply for a job, ATS processes their resumes first before it reaches the hiring authority. It only reaches the hiring manager if the resume is optimized well with various ATS algorithms. PlacementIndia uses Applicant Tracking Systems to save quality time on surfing for eligible candidates. It helps them to narrow the applicant pool and in highlighting the best candidates.

3. Resume Database Packages

Often companies have a number of job vacancies and thus they remain in search of constant requirement of multiple job posts to be filled by eligible candidates. Company HRs requires instant and handy resume databases for that. Recruiters can hire resume database packages at PlacementIndia to get access to the best job candidates.

Other than offering the above-mentioned benefits, PlacementIndia provides a lot more customized packages helping the process of entry level hiring. Post jobs now!

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