Deadly Mistakes Job Applicants Should Never Make

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-21

For job seekers, it is an absolutely tough world out there as finding the right job is even more difficult than it seems to be. The increased completion in the job market has not helped the case of job seekers either. Though hard work is still an essential factor which ultimately determines the success of a job search process, nowadays smart work is also needed. Though each job applicant is unique, facing unique challenges when looking for the right job, there are some common mistakes made by job seekers. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.
Top Mistakes Made by Job Applicants
Not Being Prepared For The Interview -
As a job seeker, it is a big crime if you are going to an interview totally unprepared. Top recruiters around the world consider this the biggest put-down for them when candidates turn up with doing any research about the organization, the services/products offered by the company, the job profile for which they are applying, etc.
Embellishing the Resume - This again features among the top mistakes that recruiters advise applicants never to make. Whether it is your experience you are embellishing, your skill sets, or any other aspect of your professional life, it makes a really bad impression on the recruiters & you are most likely to lose their interest even before you have had a chance for a personal interview.
Turning Up Late - This again is one of the most common blunders made by job applicants. Whatever be the reason, there is no excuse for latecomers. It is better to leave early for the venue to avoid any unforeseen hassles en-route e.g. traffic jams, etc.
Not Dressing As Per The Occasion - Though there are many companies today that do not advocate a formal dress code for their employees, but as a job applicant unless you are very sure about this, it is always better to be formally dressed. It basically shows that you are serious about the job, if nothing else. These are some of the most commonly repeated mistakes that should be avoided in order to ensure that you crack the job interview & get the job you have always dreamed about. Share on

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