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Job Hunting

  • Skills Required In Manpower Consultants
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2014-05-09

    Youngsters who aspire to be Manpower Consultants have bright prospects. It's a promising job profile and will turn to be even bigger in near future. Manpower Consultants provide the young professionals a suitable platform to realize their dreams and get in to the best professions. They work ...

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  • Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality Industry
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2014-02-19

    With tourism reaching new heights, the Travel and Hospitality Industry offers wide range of opportunities to the graduates. Having diversified fields, this industry provides career platform across different positions like travel and tourism, lodging, cruise ships, gaming, restaurants, and ma...

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  • Merits Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2013-09-13

    The dawn of internet has led to an entirely new age. The 21st century is fast and much more competitive. The conventional means of information, entertainment and communication have been replaced by the dotcom services. Obviously, the Human resource industry cannot remain untouched by the pac...

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  • Customer Service: Jobs for All
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2013-07-09

    Customer Service is an integral aspect of all the flourishing businesses. All companies have to ensure that their customers remain content so that they do not leave. According to the level of your experience and education, you can find a job as a Customer Service Professional in:

    • Call Cent...

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  • Tips for Finding the Right Job
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2013-06-07

    Job opportunities are abundant but it needs to be acknowledged at the same time that competition is stiff. For each vacancy, there are many applicants and as such, finding the right job becomes quite challenging. However, if one is clear headed and resorts to a planned systematic approach, p...

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  • Tips For Immigrants To Find Jobs
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2012-07-17

    It gets really tough for an Immigrant to get settled in the foreign country and find job of his choice. Before moving to some other place it is really important to acquaint yourself with the job opportunities and the working environment in the particular country. If the Immigrant has the bas...

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  • How to Find Employment in the Executive Field
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2012-06-22

    Finding an executive post in an organization is dream of every job seeker. Today there are many ways to get executive jobs but a job seeker has to be careful to choose the right ways of getting employed in executive field. The job seekers have to work with sheer hard work and take the right ...

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  • Tips to Improve Your Quest for Job
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2012-06-20

    It is true that, after completing our formal studies we really want to get away from the environment of colleges and classes and rush to get a job. Earn money, become rich and be independent! This is what all of us think when we are getting hold of our first job. But ,the toil to secure a jo...

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  • Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting |Last Updated: 2012-04-24

    Are you tired of searching a suitable job for yourself? Are you in search of some productive ways to get you a good job? We bring you some of the most effective tips to speed up your job searching ways.

    First Impression is the Last Impression
    Have a look at your resume. Does your resume sp...

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