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  • The growing trend of Phone Interviews

    Interview Tips | By : Palak Jain | Mar 14, 2023

    Tring tring….. your recruiter this side!!!Your resume is astral, your application was immaculate, you’ve caught a Potential recruiters attention and now they want to get to know you better.Gone is the time when the candidates had ...
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  • How Covid Changed The Quality of Job Seekers?

    Interview Tips | By : Palak Jain | Feb 18, 2023

    Now if you ask me, has covid in general changed the quality of life? The very simple answer here would be a big yes. The quality of life has changed for humanity as a whole. No one has been spared from the cruelty of Covid and her ruthle...
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  • Tips to Overcome Failure in Job Interview

    Interview Tips | By : Admin | Feb 18, 2023

    Getting a good-paying job in today's economy is a tough nut to crack. Even though with so many websites offering platforms for job search, the competition is quite fierce with so many applicants competing for a single vacancy. It is some...
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  • What are the keys to crack a job as a fresher?

    Interview Tips | By : Palak Jain | Mar 21, 2023

    Those graduation days are over now. As a fresh college pass-out, the most probable question haunting your mind should be – ‘How to get a good job’? This blog will help you to wipe out the confusion about how and where to start with. Read...
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