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Job Promotion

  • More Responsibilities Elevates To Promotion!
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Promotion |Last Updated: 2012-01-13

    The addition of the term 'more' before already existing plentiful 'responsibilities', might have the effect of a bad singer singing at his peak voice standing next to you. And after stabling down, the question which pops out of the mind is that why would anyone even want to have added respon...

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  • Should I ask for Promotion?
    By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Promotion |Last Updated: 2010-05-11

    No one wants to be stagnant on the position they are working. Appraisals and promotion is mandatory so as to boost an employer's moral. For all those who wish to gain a better position at work, the main question that haunts them is 'Should I ask for promotion?'

    It becomes important to questi...

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