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  • Standards Services is a Recruitment firm as well as provide the best IT services for website development, website designing and digital Marketing which includes SEO, SMO, PPC, etc. We have vast experience in hiring for both MNC and Domestic Companies.

    Digital Marketing Services : The whole world of digital marketing is going through a revolution today. When people interact with brands, find products and services and locate them, we are influenced by people or affect others. Technology and innovation are constantly changing the face of the market, its products and services as well as the behaviour of individuals.rnStandards Services is the one of the most reputed company in providing best services to their clients. At a high level, digital marketing services refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, we’ll focus on the most common types below. We provide all of these digital marketing services to our clients. Our team of experts has made this possible.

    Technical Sales : They have a strong knowledge of technical and scientific products & services. They deal in B2B (Business to Business) sales, which includes products and services like machinery, plant equipment, devices, and tools. Technical sales personnel promote and sell the device by manifesting how it performs, along with the perk it can provide probable customers.

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    • Recruitment Agency : HR Recruiters basically focuses on filling the positions of the firm they are working with. Mostly used Hr Recruiter Jobs titles include: Recruitment Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Director of Recruiting, Corporate Recruiter, Talent Management Director, HR Generalist, Recruiting Generalist, Talent Coordination, Hiring Specialist, etc.
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    Call Centre / BPO / KPO

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