About Us

Redefining the expertise, TechZert, India, is realigning the conventional services of business by partnering with the deep-seated industry leader- IBM. Challenging the dynamic nature of the business Techzert steps in with the safe bet for our clients to stay agile and succeed. Established in the year 2012, enthused a perfect step into the IT operations in the year 2015. With a profound experience of 15+ years in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), TechZert helps their clients in pursuing opportunities with our Bouquet of Business Suite Solutions.

Our core business approach involves addressing the enterprise integration and process management needs of the clients. This is made feasible by blending the right mix of IBM Middleware product portfolio with our flexible services. Articulating the genuine and innovative ideas makes us stand ahead of the crowd and hopefully turn the clients’ aspire into reality.

TechZert holds persistent growth and proliferating market exposure with the eminent talent pool, meeting the entire client requirements through a single deliverable. Establishing the innovative ideas and accrediting the finest support and maintenance, TechZert thrives to fit into the client’s expectations.


Mission & Vision
Keeping trust as the cornerstone, Techzert intends to “constantly deliver Best in Class Solutions for unique demands of our clients and enhance their business value through partnering with IBM”.

Our mission is to deliver the top-notch solutions by leveraging the IBM technology suite for the requirement specific to each client. “Directing your ambitions towards heights of success” is what TechZert does. This is by articulating the enhanced possibilities and integrating the leading technologies.

Our Vision is to “stand ahead in the industry with premium services of software development through profound expertise of leveraging Technologies of IBM”. TechZert envisage becoming the leading solutions with its proven approach to support organizations around the globe.


Management & Team
It is essential to have a dedicated team to the route to your celebrated dream. For the same reason, we built up our teams with professionals and experts who are dedicated in working together for our Clients. Leveraging the Cutting Edge Technology from IBM, Management & Teams from TechZert emphasize on delivering client value in business transformation by driving innovation. Our clientele was invigorated in their business processes with enhanced efficiencies, achieved through our extensive services offered in partnership with IBM expertise.


Intelligent Research
“We understand the Value of your Business”. The dedicated team at TechZert invest ample time and effort on research and focus on latest business trends in delivering world-class solutions for our clientele. Fostering the best technologies to serve our customers, we believe in tailoring our services in accordance with their elite demands and needs. Collaborating with IBM, TechZert aims at delivering business-focused services through critical research.


We rather would like to call it as a smart strategy that is capable of Simplifying the Complexities. UAIT is proven to be yielding fruitful results making our clients happy in being associated with us. “Understand- Adopt- Implement- Transition” - works well with our teams in building our capabilities of reaching client expectations. Making their dreams come true, TechZert’s Smart strategy has evidenced our loyal clients empowering their business performances by successful transformation.


Accentuating the trends and opportunities in technology, TechZert strives towards being a pioneer in the industry by providing uncompromising services and in turn our customer success. Fostering the integration of latest technologies into challenging business environments, we ensure to stay ahead in the competitive industry of the contemporary world. We plan to establish our footprint in the industry through our strategic alliance with the expert technologies of IBM.