Facilities & Services

Mehrotra Diagnostics in Kanpur, U. P., is well equipped with all latest and modern machines and providing facilities in DIGITAL X-RAY, 16 Slice CT SCAN and ULTRASOUND/COLOR DOPPLER. We offer a complete range of imaging facility from from routine and primary to high end advance scanning/imaging in Digital X-Ray, Ultrasonography (Ultrasound/Colour Doppler) and CT Scan.



Our CT scanner features a unique detector system that provides super-thin slices for crystal clear, comprehensive images.

Our very versatile CT scanner is one of the most powerful 16-slice scanners available today and delivers incredibly clear imaging and can reconstruct images at 12 frames per second. Its Volume Viewing allows for fully automated reconstruction so that scanning of patients become faster and more efficiently.

All parts of the body can be scanned with our CT Scanner. For each part, there are specific indications or reasons for scanning. Our consultant radiologist judges the usefulness of CT scanning in a specific situation and areas.



Our highly trained staff and board-certified radiologists provide reliable, state of the art, professional and versatile ultrasound scanning services for a variety of general and advanced ultrasound needs.

Color Doppler is a special ultrasound technique, which allows us to evaluate blood vessels.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that is used to generate real-time images of the body’s internal structures.

Through our advanced Ultrasound Machine/Colour doppler we can scan all kinds of 3D Scans.

Our Ultrasound is best for any routine Pregnancy tests/scans for foetal well being, growth retardations, foetal anomalies such as level I and level II scans etc.

Through our ultrasound system small parts examinations such as Eye, thyroid, breast, testis, musculo-skeletal system etc. are also possible.

Color Doppler is used to study the blood flow in pregnancy, carotid (in CVA) and limb vessels (pain in limb etc), renal arteries (in hypertension), testicular torsion, tumors etc.



Our x-ray images with CR system are always very sharp and clear. The images can be post processed to suit the individual examination. Image intensifier has been installed for better quality special X-ray investigations in day light conditions.

Almost all general and special x-ray investigations are done in the centre.

Digital x-ray technology produces high-quality images. Our facility is equipped with knowledgeable staff and board-certified radiologists to serve your x-ray needs.

X-ray is a painless diagnostic exam. Using small doses of ionizing radiation, our x-ray machine generates radiographic images of your internal anatomy. These images are reviewed by our radiologists and a diagnostic report is generated and delivered to your referring physician. This allows your health care team to proceed with proper care and treatment.


Our Services:

  • Ultrasound Services
  • CT-Scan Services
  • Digital X-Ray Services
  • Body Parts covered in X-Ray