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Guardian Public School, a co-educational school established in 2011, offers classes from nursery upwards, providing a blend of academic, sporting, cultural and artistic activities in a high-quality environment.


These include state-of-the-art classrooms, a laboratory and library, an audio-visual room and art studio, and a playground for sports and recreation. All of which contribute to giving our students a world-class education with lifelong benefits.



  • Guardian Public School dreams to empower its students
  • TO ASPIRE to become the kind of leaders who will empower and inspire others to become great leaders.
  • TO THINK, so that they can constantly adopt and adapt to the changes and evolve as great leaders, in their life
  • TO ENCOURAGE belief in oneself and to make choices and take actions that reflects this belief.
  • TO CREATE happiness for themselves and the world around, as true leaders would




School days are the happiest, in most people’s life. But most of us realise this, only when we look back. It was with this objective, that we launched the concept of Happy School. At Guardian, our students learn “How to be happy” while they go about doing their activities - while they are Learning, Having Fun or Facing Exams. Our dream is to ensure that our children “Remember to be Happy” as much as they remember the multiplication table, that they learn at school. When a human being is happy within self, he/ she will be instrumental in creating happiness around. This would be our biggest contribution to nation building. A happy and content India.

Our interpretation of Education is different. History is taught so that children learn about Success & Failure, in order to take “Aware decisions” in their life. Every subject and language is taught in a manner, that the “take aways” from the learning are useful to them throughout their life

Boredom and burn out are the bane of this generation. Our endeavour is to encourage Curiosity and nurture Creativity – which we consider as the toolsfor a very happy and meaningful life. The words “I don’t know“, is not taboo at Guardian, neither for teachers nor for students. In this day and age where change is the only constant, our students and teachers are taught to continuously learn and unlearn and find answers to questions that they don’t know.

A lot of importance is given to technology as a tool for active participation of students, teachers and parents, in the learning process. Children are taught to intelligently and safely use World Wide Web and Social Media platforms. The schools social media arms are effectively used to communicate the activities and efforts of teachers and students, to engage with the parents and the society. But these are not substitute for real life experiences. We actively encourage our parents to visit the school in person and actively participate in the activities.

The Guardian legacy is built on the personal legacies of our students. We look forward to the whole hearted support of parents and teachers in helping the Guardian students build their personal legacies.


Facilities (Infrastructural)

In order to foster holistic development, we have been enriched with facilities such as smart class rooms, smart student-teacher ratio (30:1), personal attention to students, CCA activities, outbound training for students, expert’s talks, counselling, student development program, interschool and intra school competitions, industrial/ field visits, exchange programs.


  1. Laboratory: -The School has well equipped Composite Science Lab to conduct experiments as per the syllabi of CBSE and includes exclusive hubs for Physical Science, Natural Science & Mathematics that helps the students to cater to different streams. The lab is periodically upgraded to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum. Students have facilities to perform experiments, to measure data and to analyze results so as to match their practical observations with theoretical knowledge.
  2. Library: -The school has a spacious, well-lit and airy library that caters to the needs of both children and staff. With various projects that encourage reading, the library is a place children love to spend time expanding their abilities through the wonderful world of books. To enhance the reading habit of our students the school library is filled with various storybooks in English, Hindi & Malayalam catering to the needs of students at different age groups. It also covers a large range of subjects such as Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Languages, Periodicals, Weeklies, Journals, Additional Reference Books etc.
  3. Music Room: -Under the guidance of a music teacher, the students get trained in Keyboard, Guitar and Violin according to their preference. The students of grade 1 and 2 are introduced to vocals through simple songs.
  4. Performing Arts: - Contemporary Dance Form is introduced to the students at Grade 1 Level. Blending basics of Aerobics into this form has helped the students improve their flexibility and endurance.
  5. Playground/ Court: -Sports and Games are given due importance at the school. The students play Basketball, Cricket, Football in addition to basic agility games and other indoor games. Regular training sessions help the students hone their skills.
  6. Computer Lab:- The School has a separate computer lab with 15 computers accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated OFC Lease line Internet connectivity for enterprising students to get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.The department has qualified committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels i.e. Primary, Secondary Sr. Secondary. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.
  7. Infirmary:- In case of a casualty or sickness, we have a reasonably good facility to accommodate/ nurse the ailing students.
  8. Smart Classrooms:- Every class of the school has a smart board where children go to experience visual images, videos and presentations related to their lessons. The Smart classrooms assist learning as groups, project based learning and activity based learning in a more enjoyable manner. The school has invested in EduBrisk, a state of the art Digital Platform which helps the students, teachers and parents for a Brisk Enjoyable Affordable Education that blends AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Neuroscience for Brain-friendly learning.


The teaching fraternity involves a team of members who are committed, dedicated and well-trained/qualified as per the norms of CBSE. On and Off-job teacher training programs are arranged to ensure better teaching-learning experience. Faculty Development Programs by globally renowned and certified trainers are also organised.