About Us

The Board of the Company is consisted of dynamic and varied experience people from different fields. This dynamic board structure is one of the strength of the Company. We endeavour to provide exceptional value to our customers. We constantly innovate in order to improve our services. The Company had made its journey with innovations since 1983 and also adapting the changing technology by spending an extensive amount of funds on Research and Development activities. In the year 1999 Delight Bulb Industry launched its Halogen Bulb which Applauded by the Automobile Industry and strengthen the footprints of the Company. In the year 2008 with the plan of expansion of Brand, Delight decided to enter into auto electronic segment. The results were so affirmative that the brand makes its successful entry in auto electronic segment.



The Company is marching towards its mission to manufacture and supply the products to the highest standard of quality whilst being recognized for outstanding customer service.



Company’s vision is to acquire and maintain global leadership position in chosen areas of business and to continuously create new opportunities for growth in strategic business.