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Praction Networks



Praction Networks  is a world class Broadband Internet Service Provider. We bring the power of fiber optics direct to your home with our FTTH services in Delhi-NCR region.


We are voted the best broadband service provider in the India, and our speeds are one of the unmatched in the industry.


Most fiber broadband services are usually fiber and copper, fiber optic cables from the exchange to your street and then copper phone wires into your dwelling. This negatively impacts the speed. Besides, there is more attenuation with copper wiring.


Our mission is to ensure that our customers enjoy high bandwidth HD quality video streaming online. Now you may enjoy high bandwidth speeds without interruption, and without messing with a lot of cables. Our FTTH cables are super high quality and ensure that you would not have any data loss while browsing for your favorite content online. What is more, you can connect any number of devices without suffering for speed and having lag time.

Current Opening
S.No. Date Position Location
118-Feb-2017Technical SupportSouth Delhi, Faridabad, Delhi
218-Feb-2017FTTH Engineers (Fibre to the Home)- Filed EngineerSouth Delhi, Faridabad, Delhi