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Kings Herbal Research Lab is not just an organization but it is a unique idea that is dedicated to re-establish the health of the humankind that is losing its significance because of the advancement in technology and new inventions. We are one of the eminent companies in India that have introduced the "Spagyric Essences". The concept is based on the exotic medicinal flora and indigenous flora.

As per the Alchemy, health should be our first priority and it should comprise three Alchemy philosophical elements that are salt, mercury and sulphur. If the elements are not in proportion, then it causes diseases and ill health. The aforementioned three elements are also responsible for the combination of the major human dispositions that are Sanguine, Lymphatic and Mixed. The founder of the concept of electro homoeopathy, Count Ceasre Mattei developed a novel methodology of healing palliative issues and organ dysfunction.

Current Opening
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113-Oct-2016ResearchJalandhar, Jalandhar Cantt.