Bhilwara Infotech Ltd

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  Bhilwara Infotech Ltd
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  A-12, SECTOR-1, noida
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  Uttar Pradesh
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Company Profile : Bhilwara Infotech Ltd. is a part of 350 million USD LNJ Bhilwara group. Bhilwara group is having diversified interests in Graphite electrodes, Textiles, Software development, Power generation, Sponge iron and Telecommunications.

Apart from India, Bhilwara Infotech has 3 offices in USA, 1 in UK and 1 in Belgium, where we induldge in onsite and onshore development activities.

We have a state of the art development centre in Noida, which caters to the diversified needs of our clients in Asia, USA, and Europe

The "LNJ Bhilwara Group" has been witnessing a steady growth every year and the turnover has grown by over 30% within the last four years.

Bhilwara Infotech is a company which does'nt believe in tying its employees in any type of bonds. Its a transparent company with strong financial backings, good client list and opportunities for growth.

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