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Our Approach

The methodology applied by Alesh is called as Model Centered Learning Architecture (MCLA)

This is an instructional Methodology that offers its learners with the following features:

  • Learning through Problem Solving: Learners are trained to perform tasks using the knowledge & skills acquired during the real life problem solving process.
  • Task – based learning: Individuals learn about performing task and the knowledge required to them . Redundancy is minimized so that the time to learn is reduced.
  • Learning in context to performance: Individuals learn to handle practical problems such as judgment, safety concern etc… And use standard reference and information sources.
  • Learning by owning the experience: Learners have to create solutions for on the job problems. The MCLA methodology trains the learner to improvise solutions under unstructured situation.
  • Learning by watching an expert: Individuals learn by watching experts solve problems (demonstrations). They are also exposed to invisible thinking process that the expert use and learn through modeling their behavior.


Training Methodology

“I forget what I hear, I remember what I see and I understand what I do”
This ancient Chinese proverb is the core concept of experiential learning.

Experiential learning is the best form of learning in the world. The most unique way of experiential learning is that, the participants can directly learn from their strength/weakness and get a chance to rectify themselves by Quality Improvement Program.

Pictorial presentations play acting, live demonstrations, case studies and example drawn for actual situations, anecdotes, business games and participative methods are used to impart training.

Group discussions, question answer sessions, video-graphic, using laptop computer related Program and tests are also part of the program.